The Jump The Gun rhythm machine has been jogging along at full tilt since our last www. verbal venture. By jove, we’ve been here, we’ve been there, we’ve been everywhere! Some nights it’s been a struggle to keep eyelids from drooping and ourselves off the rumble strips of the A3!

When you’ve got everything, you get lost in the pick and choose, but when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. Is it any wonder then that a well suckled society has to dust off their dancing shoes to cast off the possession blues?

Wildfire dance floors, that’s our speciality. You get that one carefree individual to strut their stuff and shirk their inhibitions and before you know it you’ve got a heaving room of life-size mobile mannequins doing the mashed chicken and funky potato.

Don’t forget to come out swinging, it’s the last thing the cold-callers expect! Three cheers!


The JTG Weekend Warrior Tour Update

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