Following the incident, we felt it best to go our separate ways and lie low for a couple of weeks.  Wanted on several trumped up charges of noise pollution and disturbing the peace, the heat was all getting a bit tiresome.  So cue the JTG world tour!

Paul naturally flew to Honolulu, swapped the Casio for a Ukelele, donned the obligatory shirt of the nation and provided the soothing waves with something to listen to.

Ed missed his family and returned to the Amish settlement in Pennsylvania where he was raised.  Trading bass guitar for pitchfork, his daily tolling providing all the rhythm he required.

Sam visited the grave of Walt Disney (underneath Space Mountain) and remained on the ride for 7 days and nights, singing Bare Necessities at the top of his voice.

Tim flew to Italy to meet the only remaining living relative of Stradivarius and demanded he make him a guitar.  Upon completion, and discovering the guitar was much smaller than expected, he dutifully smashed it to pieces in true Strummer-fashion.

Karen flew to New York, was mistaken for Debbie Harry and spent the following two weeks laying down vocals for Blondie’s new album.  Release date TBC…

But now we’re back and in fact it was like we never went away!!

Remember no half-measures, all killer, no filler, Jump The Gun never fail to disappoint.  Still a couple of dates to fill in November, so put in a good word for us at your local, you bring your voices and we’ll bring the noize!

See you down the front,


Jump The Gun World Tour Update!

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