What was that!?
Sweet baby Jehovah, mother of the planets, lord of the high plains and seas, can ye explain!?

Drafted from the depths of the spirit realm, the foremost Zen philosophers of our times, riddled with conundrums, and rife with reverence, are still no closer to explaining the runaway locomotive that is Jump The Gun.

A paradox, an all-time low or the perfect high? Yet we seem to rumble the socks of both the bottom-rockers and tit-smackers in equal measure.

Happiness Stan, Da Do Ron Ron, Lazy Susan, Lady Marmalade, they’re all down the front getting slowly hammered by one of the most eclectic repertoires around.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve been whirling the wind, not shooting the breeze, whistling our sweet tunes all over this fair land. With the Skipper at the helm, no wave is insurmountable, no fog too bleak, no amount of barnacle-riddled mermaids can stop us climbing the laddery legs to the lighthouse.

Gigs are coming in all the time for the rest of the year, check out the Gigs Page for all our upcoming dates.

We’ve been busy in the studio too, recording our live demo. There’s around 10 of our unique takes on some of the best songs out there. Watch this space, they’ll be in the website in the next few weeks.

And of course, in our ever-present commitment to keeping it fresh, new songs are being tamed in the rehearsal studio. These unshaven Stallions and western Super Mares will be strutting their stuff and showing their teeth all through April, May and beyond. They’re yours for the taking, if you can keep up…

“Stick a pony in my pocket and I’ll send you to hell in a handcart”, said the mighty Shergar.

I don’t know what he meant, but he was a horse of few words and would go to great lengths to impress the Sheiks.

And didn’t Billy Ocean sing, “When the going gets good, Frankie Dettori dresses like a garden gnome and goes to Ladbrokes”?

Food for thought.

See you down the front soon, we’ll be the ones making that bloomin’ beautiful racket!


(Picture courtesy of Todd Devotto)

Noise Is Golden…Silence Can Go Do One!

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