A musical riot that is…  As the end of the year approached, we prepared to say a fond farewell to Ed and Sam and extend a winter-warming welcome to the arrival of the new kids in town.  Well… “kids” might be pushing it a bit, but they are the newbies and you can be sure that we pulled no punches in getting them geezered up to step into the ring!!

Rehearsals kicked off in November to get us oven ready for our first gigs of 2017.  It’s an odd feeling, moving from the known familiarity into the “what the hell was that” territory – but it has certainly given us all shit loads to laugh about. And that has made the transition from what was, to what will be coming at ya like a juggernaut, both fun and creatively exhilarating [get us with our 4 and 5 syllable descriptions…!]

Of course, there will always be some fine tuning to be done with any new line-up.  For instance, we did try to accommodate Fin’s kinky boots, but they really were playing havoc with the double bass pedals and so they had to go – but we did allow him to keep his hair!!!!   And whilst Alan’s ability to turn every song into an epic 20-minute-classic-prog-rock-bass-ladened-solo is truly astounding, we felt it was probably surplus to every song’s requirements….

Fast forward two months and we are all packed up and ready to go!  Once more unto the breach, dear friends!
Hope you are ready for us, cause we be coming for ya real soon…


Dec 2016: I predict a riot!!!!!

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